Options’ Board of Directors is a diverse and committed group of community members who come together on a regular basis to help shape Options’ development as an organization. The Board of Directors is primarily concerned with the mission of the organization, and has developed the following polices to direct the work of Options staff in accomplishing the mission.

Policy on empowerment in one’s living situation

Options will empower people in ways that will enable them to establish, maintain, and improve happiness, safety, and comfort in their living arrangements. Options will continually assess and devise ways to interpret whether an individual is in a living arrangement that reflects his or her preferences and needs.

Options will use that information to initiate change desired by the individual that moves toward an improved living arrangement.

In empowering people to improve their living arrangements, consideration will be given to meeting individual needs and minimizing risk of harm to self or others.

Empowerment to improve one’s living arrangement may include but is not limited to the following aspects:

  • Securing home ownership
  • Maintaining sufficient income to afford desired housing and belongings
  • Having an array of available and acceptable living arrangements from which to choose
  • Pursuing options for personal growth or learning

Opportunities to make self-determined changes (either big or small) in any aspect of daily living such as:

  • Whether to live alone or with others
  • Determining desired privacy
  • Arranging, designing, beautifying and decorating one’s home for a sense of personal space and ownership
  • Determining the timing and sequencing of personal routines

Policy on community involvement

Options in Community Living believes that quality of life is enhanced by access to and participation in community life. It is through connections with others that we acquire a sense of ourselves, self-esteem, and satisfaction with our lives. Options will assist individuals to gain access and participation in organizations and activities that support and develop a person’s interests, knowledge, abilities, social relationships, and self-esteem. Options recognizes that there is an infinite variety of possible activities and areas of interest “on the other side of the door”. It is Options’ responsibility to assist people supported to discover the possibilities through community presence, access, and participation.

Options supports individual differences in the type of activity and form of participation that an individual may choose. Options will encourage and support expanded opportunities for life-broadening activities and experiences. Staff will encourage and assist people to move beyond familiar routines and try new activities. Options will continue to educate staff and to question assumptions about how to interpret and to best implement the preferences of individuals supported.

Options will encourage community members to offer friendship and hospitality to people with disabilities and to create opportunities for reciprocal relationships.

Community involvement may mean having opportunities to be an active or passive participant or member in activities and events including, but not limited to:

  • classes covering academic and leisure topics
  • civic organizations and processes
  • athletic events as a participant or spectator
  • artistic events as a participant or spectator
  • religious activities
  • volunteer opportunities
  • neighborhood associations and events
  • personal relationships and friendships
  • celebrations and social gatherings
  • community organizations and clubs