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Options Employment Opportunities last update 03/14/2018. Our openings are updated on Friday. Please check back weekly for updates. Call Kate Krueger for more information at (608) 249-1585 or
** denotes a full-time position

Enjoy reading out loud, dancing and singing while interacting with two roommates on Madison’s Eastside. Going for walks, shopping, making meals and building relationships are things they love and expect from people who spend time with them. CNA experience and/or experience with autism are a plus but not required. Applicants must have a WI driver’s license and acceptable driving record to drive the agency vehicle. Open hours: every other Saturday 10a-3p, every other Sunday 10a-7p. $13.00/hour. HB/OP

Monday 830am-230pm, and Tuesday – Friday 830am-330pm. Position #1; 35.5 hours
Monday 9am-230pm, and Tuesday – Friday 9am-330pm. Position #2; 31.5 hours
A charming young man, with strong ties to his family and the community, needs 2 responsible workers who can work well together and follow the rules. Essential to his support is the ability to joke around while helping him make positive choices to ensure his safety at home and in the community. Follow the morning routine to get ready for the day and plan the day’s activities. He enjoys many activities, including swimming, hiking or going for a walk, going to the library or a book store. Experience with autism is a plus as is familiarity with an I-pad, which he uses to assist with communication.
This position begins June 11 and ends late August. Applicants must have a WI driver’s license and an acceptable driving record to drive an Options vehicle.
$14/hour NP

Enjoy lively banter while you assist three older women to start their day. Work alongside a second staff person to help with personal cares and the morning routine. Work the one-hour shift 7a-8a at $13.25/hour (Monday-Friday or Sunday-Thursday), then head to the home of two gentlemen to assist with the start of their day for two more hours 8:15a-10:15a at $13.00/hour. The guys are fairly independent with their morning routine but do require reminders and prompts to ensure a positive start to their day. Both homes are on Madison’s Eastside within a few miles of each other.

A man who lives on Madison’s Westside is looking for an active, motivated and fun worker who can provide a calm presence while participating in social and community activities. Enjoy bowling, going out to eat, and exploring the city every other Saturday and every other Sunday 9am-10pm. Applicants must have a WI driver’s license, acceptable driving record, and comprehensive insurance to drive their personal vehicle for work. $14.00/hour MA

Two men who live alone on Madison’s Westside are looking for someone to help them feel safe overnight simply by being there. Both guys live alone in his own house, typically sleeps through the night and appreciates gentle reminders during his morning routine.

Open part-time hours: Tuesday and Sunday10p-9a. Awake time is paid at $13.00/hour; asleep time is paid at $7.25/hour (typically eight hours). KSW

Open full-time hours: Sunday 7p-9a, Thursday and Friday 10p-9a. Awake time is paid at $14.00/hour; asleep time is paid at $7.25/hour (typically eight hours). MA

Two people who share a house on Madison’s Eastside off Cottage Grove Road are looking for assistance with asleep overnight hours and their weekend morning routine. CNA skills at a plus but not required if you are willing to learn. Open position: EVERY OTHER WEEKEND Friday 9p until Saturday noon; Saturday 9p until Sunday noon (average 15 hours/week). Awake hours paid at $13.50/hour; asleep time paid at $7.25/hour. JG/CR

** denotes a full-time position