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Options Employment Opportunities last update: 9/13/2019. Our openings are updated on Friday. Please check back weekly for updates. Call Kate Krueger for more information at (608) 249-1585 or

Options in Community Living is an Equal Opportunity Employer

** denotes a full-time position

An outgoing and energetic man on Madison’s Westside needs someone to engage with him and guide him through his weekday morning routine. Encourage his independence and offer assistance as needed with breakfast, medication and checking blood sugar, hygiene, doing dishes and tidying up. You must be an approved driver of your own vehicle, Monday-Thursday, to take him to work in the morning. A valid Wisconsin driver’s license is required, as well as an acceptable driving record and adequate liability coverage on your vehicle. Additional requirements: a sense of humor, the ability to follow a support plan, and a tolerance of cigarette smoke. Open hours are Monday – Thursday 7-9am, plus every other Sunday 8a-2p (driving is not required for the shift on Sunday). $13.25/hour. RSa

A woman who lives on Madison’s Eastside is looking for a nice person to come to her apartment to provide companionship and a bit of assistance on Friday and Saturday. Engage with her and encourage her to go for a walk, make a healthy meal, clean/do laundry, and participate in mindfulness activities. She gets much enjoyment from a variety of things, including: listening to oldies music, doing arts and crafts, dancing, making cards, and coloring. Every other Friday + Saturday are open for 3 flexible hours, after 3p. An approved driver is ideal for activities, but it’s not required. $13.25/hour. JF

If you love history and drinking tea; if you have patience and a sense of humor; and if you’re looking for a part-time job: we want to hear from you! A woman on the Northside is looking for someone who will take her out and spend time with her in the community. This may include shows, lectures, going to the library, getting her hair done, or accompanying her to a medical appointment. Other tasks on an as-needed basis are helping her with showering and hygiene, cleaning, and laundry. Part-time openings: Monday 1:30-4:30p, and Wednesday 3 flexible hours. You’ll need to be an approved driver of your own vehicle for this position, which means having a valid Wisconsin driver’s license, acceptable driving record, and sufficient liability coverage. $13.25/hour. RA

Two women who live close to downtown are seeking someone who’s energetic to hang out and do fun activities in the community, such as: bowling, gardening in the summer, choir practice, basketball practice, and swimming. Some cooking and cleaning is needed, as well as some personal cares. You must be an approved driver, and you must like having fun! Hours are on the weekend: every other Friday 5-9p; every other Saturday 4.5 hours, starting at 8 or 9a; and every other Sunday 5-7p. $13.25/hour SB/KK

Build a connection and a trusting relationship with a woman on the eastside (Yahara apartment) of Madison. Hours open: Tuesday + Thursday 10a-12N, and every other Saturday 11a-1p. The main goals of this time is to help her with self-cares that she might be struggling with, and encourage good habits. Offer healthy choices for meals, without telling her what she can/can’t eat. Prompt and guide her through her shower routine. And, help her to see the positive, without dismissing her feelings. She loves getting her nails done, looking at photo albums, and telling funny stories about her family. She also loves to wear lots of Packer and Badger gear and enjoys collecting lots of things such as Marvin the Martian memorabilia!
$13.25/hour KN

We are looking for staff who are creative and engaging to take the time to build a connection to provide the best support for a man on the west side. Come up with daily activities to help him stay busy and keep his mind active. Maintain a calm presence to guide him through periods of stress. Assist with hygiene, meals, and housekeeping. Friday 3-10p is available. $13.25/hour. KSW

A man on the westside is looking for someone to encourage and work with him during his evening routine 2 nights per week, 5:30-8:30pm. Make dinner together and work alongside him with cleaning and laundry, provide prompts for hygiene, all the while building a connection with him and encouraging his independence with these tasks. In remaining time, you might play games or work on a puzzle together, talk sports, or look for fun things for him to do on the weekend. Ideal nights are Monday + Thursday, but this is negotiable. $13.25/hour. LH

** denotes a full-time position