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Options Employment Opportunities last update: 11/7/2019. Our openings are updated frequently. Please check back weekly for updates. Call Kate Krueger for more information at (608) 249-1585 or

Options in Community Living is an Equal Opportunity Employer

** denotes a full-time position

Early Birds! A perfect position is waiting for you, perhaps before heading to school or another job: Monday-Friday 6:15-7:45a is available with 2 guys on the Eastside. Help make sure their day starts in the best possible way. Provide emotional support and reassurances, prompts and guidance with showers, toileting and hygiene, meal preparation, and encouragement – overall and with completing chores. Every other Sunday is also open from 7a-9p which includes the above tasks, and will be a great chance to connect with the guys while out and about in the community. Possible activities: basketball, walks, working out at the Y, going to Olbrich Gardens or Henry Vilas Zoo, and shooting pool. Being an approved driver is ideal for the shift on Sunday, but is not required. To be approved, you’ll need a valid Wisconsin driver’s license, an acceptable driving record, and adequate car insurance on your vehicle. $13.25/hour

Do you love coffee? Learning and talking about Madison history, and Norwegian heritage? This would be a great start to meeting and building a connection with 2 guys on the Eastside as you learn about who they are and the support they require. You bring who you are to work, including your energy and strengths, which will be put to good use as you focus on their needs and interests. Monitor overnight needs including toileting, cleaning, laundry, and assisting staff in another apartment in the building to transfer a woman also supported by Options. An awake overnight position (24 hours/week) is available: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and every other Saturday 10p-6a. $13.50/hour (10p-6a)

A rewarding job is available with 3 active men, roommates who live close to Downtown. They value their independence, while needing assistance with household, community, and personal care tasks. We are looking for someone who respects a person’s individual wants and needs, who values the importance of communication in building a strong team and ensuring safety of staff and the person supported, and who will engage and participate with the guys in the community. Possible activities include watching Wisconsin sporting events: the Badgers, Packers, and Brewers; going bowling and to karaoke, and attending performances at the Overture. CNA-type experience is highly desirable for complex transfers using a hoyer lift or gait belt, g-tube and catheter care, toileting and bathing. Sunday shifts available at this time: 7a-10p, 10a-8p, and 3-10p. $14/hour

Various hours open assisting three older women on the Eastside. Start the day with them and work alongside a second staff person to help during the morning routine, Monday + Tuesday 7-9a. Attend to their dinner and bedtime needs Monday, Wednesday, + Friday 5-9p. Spend time on the weekend: every other Saturday at 3p until Sunday at 8a; every other Saturday 9a-3p, and every other Sunday 8a-3p. Assist with meals, cleaning, personal cares – including bathing and using the bathroom, and provide companionship and guidance as you build a connection with them. Sleep time is paid at $7.25/hour. Hours from 5a to 11p are paid at $13.50/hour.

A woman who lives on Madison’s Eastside is looking for a nice person to come to her apartment to provide companionship and a bit of assistance on Friday and Saturday. Engage with her and encourage her to go for a walk, make a healthy meal, clean/do laundry, and participate in mindfulness activities. She gets much enjoyment from a variety of things, including: listening to oldies music, doing arts and crafts, dancing, making cards, and coloring. Every other Friday + Saturday are open for 3 flexible hours, after 3p. An approved driver is ideal for activities, but it’s not required. $13.25/hour.

A woman on the near east side is looking for a patient and encouraging individual to spend time with her in her home. She enjoys coloring, singing along to music, Elmo, reading, and looking at her photo albums. She needs assistance with using the bathroom, showering and hygiene, meal preparation, laundry and household cleaning. Gently guide her through transitioning between activities, which is built from taking the time to get to know her and paying attention to communication – both verbal and body language. Help her start the day on the right foot Monday-Friday 7-10a. Open hours on the weekend are: every other Friday 3-9p, every other Saturday 7a-2p and every other Saturday/Sunday 2-9p. An awake overnight shift is available every other Saturday 9p-9a. She looks forward to meeting you! $14/hour.

** denotes a full-time position