About Us

Options in Community Living, Inc. (Options) is a private, non-profit organization in Madison, Wisconsin, which provides community-based supported living services to individuals who have developmental disabilities.

As one of the first supported living organizations in the United States, Options has been a leader in providing community-based services since 1981. Options is mission and value-based, and focused on continual learning from the people we support. Support provided is individualized, and changes as individual needs and circumstances, funding realities and community resources change.

The mission and vision that has guided Options since incorporation in 1981 remains constant.

Our Values

Options works to help people with disabilities, their families and friends and the larger community learn from one another in order to promote mutual understanding, personal satisfaction, and fulfillment of the potential of each individual.

Options believes that everyone has the right to live in a home of his/her choice in the community and that no person should be forced to live in a segregated or congregate housing arrangement because of the nature of his/her disability. Options has been willing and able to provide individualized support to any eligible person, as long as sufficient funding is available for the needed support. Each person supported by Options receives support based on their individual needs and preferences. These services are flexible and can be adjusted over time as needs and preferences change. Services are available for as long as the person needs and wants them.

We believe that people with developmental disabilities have a need to control their own lives, to manage their own affairs, and to make their own decisions, as much as possible. We believe that the people we support are the best judges of their own needs, and their dreams for the future. Our responsibility is to help people gain more control and competence in areas of their lives that are meaningful to them. We do that by helping people we support to know and pursue their own choices, by providing opportunities for them to learn and to try new things, and by supplying assistance and support when they experience problems or make mistakes.

We believe that people with developmental disabilities have a need equal to that of any other citizen to feel accepted within the community and valued for their uniqueness and contributions. Individuals supported need opportunities to participate in interactions, activities, and mutually supportive relationships with a variety of people in a variety of environments. It is a priority at Options to assist individuals supported to have opportunities to be a part of community life. We continually challenge ourselves to develop competence at helping people we support form satisfying personal relationships and engage in ordinary social and leisure-time pursuits with fellow citizens.